We record sound

We deal with recording since 1998. Both – in the desired location, as well as in our studio recordings. We record bands, musicians, teachers and many more.

The idea of mobile studio is to make the artists feel as easy and comfortable as possible, to reduce the stress during the recording to a minimum, all this to capture the energy flow present at the concerts or rehearsals. Only recording in an environment well known to the artists can give such effects. Any recording done outside their natural “habitat” may bring undesired apprehension and stress. Therefore, we are prepared to go with all the equipment to record in the location selected by the musicians.

We also invite you to our studio, which is at Rotmanka, near Gdańsk. The equipment is always ready, just come and you can start the recording process.

Recorded, mixed & mastered by PiecBerg Team:

We invite you to listen to some of the artists and bands we have recorded: